First Baptist Riverside was established in 1874 and has served Jesus in several locations in this
community ever since. The one constant has been the church’s vision to share the love of Jesus
with people in our city and lead them to a life-transforming faith in Jesus Christ.



First Baptist Riverside’s 20/20 Vision calls us to be…

  • A Growing Church – As we share our faith and invite others, people will believe in Jesus and
    become part of our church family.
  • A Healthy Church – We develop healthy relationships with God and with our brothers and
    sisters in Christ.
  • A Missional Church – We go into our community and the world to bless others and witness to
    the love of Jesus.
  • An Enduring Church – As we have served Jesus in Riverside for 143 years, FBR will continue
    to have a vibrant ministry for years into the future.

Our vision will help us reach the next generation and position us for effective ministry in the 2020s and 2030s.


Adult Ministry: Small Groups & Bible Studies

Missions Team

Camps for youth & children

Children & Youth Ministry

Mission Trips (Adult & Youth)

TNT Ministry

Easter Sunrise Service at Mt. Rubidoux

Mount Rubidoux Manor

Transportation Ministry

Fall Family Fun Night

Office Volunteers

Vacation Bible Study

First Baptist Preschool


Welcome Ministry


Property Team Ministry

Young Adult Ministry

G.U.M.B.O. Homeless Ministry

Shut-in Care Ministry

Zumba Exercise Ministry

Heart Art Paint Ministry

Special Needs Ministry/Climbers




Atherton Baptist Homes

Gleanings for the Hungry

Child Evangelism Fellowship

Daryl & Donna Nuss (National Network of Youth Ministries)

Glocal Outreach

Kit Ripley (New Life Center Foundation, Thailand)

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

Glen & Rita Chapman (Congo)

Lenore Davison (New Tribes Mission—PNG)

Jim & Lui Whelchel (Campus Crusade for Christ, Philippines)

Riverside Life Services

T.U.R.N./Housing First (Homeless)

Kodiak Baptist Mission

International Students

Transformation Ministries

(A letter from our new sister church in Muelle de los Bueyes, Nicaragua...)


Dear First Baptist Church,

All Glory and Honor be to the Lord Jesus Christ!

The First Baptist Spanish church in Bethel Rama began a new work with the support of the mayor of Muelle de los Bueyes who donated 4 ½ acres for the construction of the church, school , and university for the community. Missionaries have been working in the community since May 2017.

They currently rent a home in the Zanjon Hondo neighborhood where they gather for worship on Sundays, run a tutoring program to support children in their school work, and with the cooperation of their sister church in Rama, go into the community to share the good news of the gospel. In addition to this, they are leading Bible Studies in the homes of new believers.

Thank you so much for partnering with us to accomplish God’s desire. We pray for God’s blessings in the effort of raising the funds to begin construction of the new church building.


In Christ,

Vital and Ketly Pierre                                                                                                       

(Missionaries  from Nicaragua currently serving in the  Dominican Rebpublic)  


Several projects are needed to improve the attractiveness of our church and to address safety concerns…

  • Pave the parking lot, add new energy efficient parking lot lighting, replace all underground utilities and rebuild the stairs from the lower level to the upper level of the parking lot. Cost: $320,000.
  • Repour concrete in courtyard areas to bring the level of the courtyard up to the breezeway around the church, and install shade sails to modernize the look of the church and provide shade for church activities. Cost: $135,000
  • Develop a master landscape plan to beautify our campus, save water, reduce maintenance and freshen up the  appearance of the church. Cost: $30,000
  • Replace remaining galvanized indoor plumbing to eliminate leaks. Cost: $35,000
  • Retrofit all lighting to LED to reduce energy usage. Cost: $25,000
  • Replace worship center screens with high definition flat TVs. Cost: $30,000
  • Missional challenge: To underwrite the start-up costs for a new church plant in Muelle de los Bueyes, Nicaragua. Cost: $25,000

These projects together cost $600,000, which is the goal of our three-year Capital Stewardship Campaign called “20/20 Vision for the Future.” These improvements will allow our church to be in excellent condition for ministry into the 2020s and 2030s.


We are asking you to participate in a spiritual campaign during the month of October in worship, in classes and small groups, and in special times of prayer.  As God directs, consider making a three-year commitment to the 20/20 Vision for the Future Campaign.  We don’t know what your sacrificial gift might be, but we believe that if you seek the heart of God, he will guide you to an appropriate gift.

In October you will receive a 20-Day Devotional Guide to direct your daily prayers for our church and for the 20/20 Vision for the Future Campaign.  We also invite you to participate in a six-hour, church-wide prayer vigil at First Baptist Riverside on Wednesday, October 18.


The 20/20 Vision for the Future Campaign is built on the theme of “Not equal giving, but equal sacrifice.”  We know that not everyone’s financial circumstances are the same, but if each of us seeks to make a sacrificial commitment, we can achieve our goal of raising $600,000.  See the giving chart for some ideas of how you might give.  We are also prepared to accept gifts of stock or other property.


… what it will be like to complete these projects by the year 2020.   

… how beautiful and efficient our church campus will be.  

… what it will be like to invite your friends and family to a modern, safe and worshipful environment in which to encounter Christ.

… First Baptist Riverside as a vibrant and dynamic church that is growing, healthy, missional and enduring for generations to come.

… how pleased God will be as we set out on this journey to honor and glorify him.