A Movement of Missional Communities called Neighborhood Outposts, First Baptist Church of Riverside

Mission: Living out the way of Jesus out there…

We have Neighborhood Outposts for college students, young adults, & young families who desire to be in a community where people of all backgrounds can experience real belonging as we learn about and practice the way of Jesus.

We simply want to be a community for you to engage with the teachings of Jesus wherever you are in your spiritual journey & interact with a community who is living for Jesus.


Meaningful Hangout, Spiritual Formation, Missional Cause

Everyone is on a journey and headed somewhere. Where are you headed & how is your journey going? Whether you’re summiting a mountaintop high or trekking through a dry valley low, the journey is filled with so much more joy, fulfillment and purpose when it’s done with the support of a community of other adventurers. In expeditions, outposts are places where people stop along the way and pick up the essentials for their journey.  Neighborhood Outposts are communities of 5-25 people who get fueled up, recharged, & equipped for life’s journey by learning the ways of Jesus. We throw regular parties where all are welcome, listen for ways to bless other adventurers as we hear their stories, and meet weekly for worship and spiritual equipping. Ultimately, we will launch a worship service that will be the hub for this movement of Neighborhood Outposts. 


Join the movement at our Jensen Circle Outpost.  It meets at the Christiansen's home on Sunday nights from 6-8pm.  Childcare provided

For more information or the address, please email the church at office@fbriv.org or                   call - 951-683-1711

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