We have been First Baptist Church of Riverside for 145 years and First Baptist Preschool (Day Nursery) for 52 years, and proudly serve our community to spread the joys of knowing God's love.  While First Baptist Church always strives to be a warm and inviting place of worship, there are Baptist churches-- especially portrayed in the media, that have given "Baptist" a bad name.  The church wants to separate themselves from the negative views and make it clear to all that our doors are always open to those that would like to learn about God and the Christian Faith.  Therefore, beginning this Spring of 2019 First Baptist Church of Riverside will become

Church on The Hill of Riverside.

   That means that First Baptist Preschool will become Preschool on The Hill!  We will finish this school year as First Baptist Preschool, and are looking to roll out the new name July 1, 2019.  We will legally keep our name First Baptist Day Nursery, but will be Doing Business As (DBA): 

Preschool on The Hill.

    Please know that the ONLY change made is the name of the school (and perhaps acquire a new logo) in support of the church.  Throughout our existence our staff has worked so hard to build a program that we love and are very proud of, and we will not change a single thing about it.

     We need your help in spreading the word with us!  First Baptist Preschool will be called Preschool on The Hill next school year.  You will see both names on our Registration Packets and paperwork for the 2019-2020 school year.  The sign on the street will have a new name (but probably not until July 1st).  The program and staff will be the same.

New name, same great preschool!