Monday, February 26th-Wednesday, February 28th: 

Enrollment is open to Current Families and Church Members 

Thursday, March 1st:

Enrollment is open to the public!


Enrollment Process: To enroll your child in one of our programs at First Baptist Preschool you will complete a Registration Packet and submit your child's most recent Immunization Records.

The first step in enrolling your child is to submit the Registration Form and pay the Registration Fee of $135.00.  This will hold your child's spot in our program.  The Registration Form is the first page our our Registration Packet, or you can access it here:

First Baptist Preschool Registration Form for Fall 2018-2019



Licensed preschools are required to keep a Physician's Report on file for each child.  This form must be filled out and signed by your child's pediatrician.  The Physician's Report is included in your Registration Packet, however you may access another form here:

Physicians Report Medical Form


Please visit First Baptist Preschool to receive the entire Registration Packet.  Any questions or to schedule a tour please call (951) 683-4803 or email fbrivschool@yahoo.com.



Kindergarten Readiness

Parents: if you missed the Parent Workshop featuring expert speaker Bonnie Bruce, please find the link below*:


The workshop provided parents with specific milestones to look for in their child to help determine whether their child will benefit more from moving on to kindergarten or providing one more year of growth in preschool.  Copies of the booklet that was provided at the workshop are available, please ask your teacher.  First Baptist Preschool staff is here to offer support and guidance to you and your child.  Please let us know if you have questions or would like to schedule a conference.

*First Baptist Preschool is not affiliated with Bonnie Bruce or www.chancyandbruce.com.  We do not encourage you to purchase anything from the website, nor do we encourage you to have your child evaluated by them.  The First Baptist Preschool Director believes that the information on the website and in the booklet from the workshop are good tools in helping parents to navigate through the many decisions that come with having a preschooler.  We are here to help you in whatever you choose for your child!