Bluefields, Kukra Hill and Rama, Nicaragua - July 2016

We have been serving in Nicaragua for the past 12 years!  Pastor Vital and Ketly Pierre are Missionaries through International Ministries who began building churches/schools on the Atlantic Coast of Nicaragua.  One in Bluefields, one in Kukra Hill and a third one in Rama.  The churches in Kukra Hill and Rama are also schools.  When we travel to Nicaragua, we work on many different projects.  On our most recent trip in July of 2016 we did teacher training, construction work on a house, several art projects (2 murals in the Worship Center in Rama), as well as art lessons in each place.  We have built so many wonderful relationships with the people there and returning each year is like a family reunion!  Please take a look at some of the photos from this years trip!